Birmingham City Council Mass Immigration Check of Tenants

Letter from B’ham City Council are dropping through the letter boxes of all their tenants, headed Annual Tenancy visit.

Annual, means every year, turns out the council have only just invented it.

When the council official knocks on your door . . . .

Household members, will have to provide proof of identity. Suitable proof of identity includes: birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licences, *passports, and proof of benefits.

Named tenant/s will also need to provide proof of residency for all household members. Suitable proof of residency includes – letters must addressed to each person dated within the past 6 months: proof of benefits, utility bill, bank statements, building society book

I have rang the council offices and made inquiries about the above, they were quite honest, it is primary a trawl for ‘undocumented’ migrants, but would not give me this in writing.

Yes, they will be checking whether people are entitled to benefits but that is secondary.

If you have any difficulties with the Council or the Home Office, please call Fountain Solicitors Immigration Department, in Walsall on 01922 645 429.

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