Family Law

9 Interesting Facts About Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce

Eight years after same-sex marriage was written into law, we’re looking at these major life events by the numbers. Same-sex marriages are on the rise. This is the eighth year since same-sex marriages have been possible; around one in 35 marriages are now among same-sex couples. Just shy of 7,000 same-sex couples tied the knot […]

Understanding the Divorce Timeline: Insights from Fountain Solicitors

Navigating a divorce can be an emotionally draining and complex process. Many of our clients at Fountain Solicitors, serving Manchester, Newport Wales, Walsall, Birmingham, and other West Midlands areas, often begin their consultation with a pressing question: “How long does it take to get divorced?” Understanding the timeline can help manage expectations and prepare for […]

Does there have to be a court order about my children?

The No Order Principle This principle underscores a fundamental belief that parents are best placed to make decisions about their children’s care and upbringing. It encourages parents to work together amicably to decide on the arrangements for their children, prioritising the children’s needs and welfare above all. The law’s stance is to promote cooperation and […]

Do I Need a Solicitor for a Divorce?

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally challenging and complex process.  It’s not uncommon for couples to feel overwhelmed and unsure about the necessary steps to take. One question that often arises is whether or not hiring a solicitor is necessary. How a law firm like Fountain Solicitors can assist you during this difficult […]

How Long Does a Family Law Case Typically Take?

In the realm of law, family law cases cover a wide range of issues, including divorce, child custody, property division, spousal support, and adoption, among others. When individuals find themselves in the midst of a family law case, one of the most commonly asked questions is, “How long will it take?”  Unfortunately, there is no […]

Divorce Asset Division: What You Need to Know

Divorce is a challenging time for couples, and one of the most complex aspects is the division of assets. This process can either leave both parties satisfied or result in feelings of being shortchanged. To make matters more complicated, each divorce case is unique, with different circumstances and expectations. When disputes arise, they often end […]

How Long Does a Divorce Take in the UK?

Facing the end of a marriage is undoubtedly a challenging journey, filled with uncertainties and questions about what lies ahead. Understanding the duration and process of a divorce can help you mentally prepare for the road ahead. In the United Kingdom, the minimum period for a divorce is 26 weeks, approximately six months. However, the […]

Have your or any of your family members recently gotten married abroad?

Spouse, civil partners or fiancés who are outside of the UK will need to apply for entry clearance. They will need to meet all requirements relating to suitability, relationship, finance/income, accommodation, and English language. Fountain Solicitors have an expert team with a brilliant success rate in a range of Entry-Clearance matters. We can ensure you […]

No-fault divorce in the UK

Currently, a person wishing to divorce their spouse or dissolve their civil partnership must prove that their marriage or civil partnership has irretrievably broken down. However, in order to demonstrate irretrievable breakdown, they must rely on one of five facts. Three of these facts are conduct-related and therefore inherently fault-based (unreasonable behaviour, adultery and desertion). The […]

Islamic Marriage and Divorce in the UK

Is Nikah recognised in the UK? The simple answer is NO. An Islamic marriage is not recognised by the UK courts. If a couple only completes the Nikah, the Sharia marriage ceremony when marrying in the UK will not be recognised by English law. Even if a couple have been together for many years, if […]