Personal Injury

Risk of Slips Increase During Winter Conditions

Article by Sonia Aeitan, Solicitor and Head of Personal Injury and Medical Negligence at Fountain Solicitors As the weather turns colder and brings with it ground ice, the risk of slips and trips occurring heightens – and according to statistics during 2015 / 2016 there were in excess of 4,000 admissions to hospitals throughout the […]

Star Wars film company prosecuted under health and safety

Foodles Production (UK), a film production company, has been charged with breaching health and safety laws following an incident during filming, which left Hollywood actor, Harrison Ford, with a broken leg. An incident at Pinewood Studios, which left Hollywood star, Harrison Ford, with a broken leg, has resulted in the prosecution of a film production […]

Don’t Suffer Violence and Threats in Silence

Article published by Ayeisha Khandia, Head of Family Law at Fountain Solicitors on 09.12.2015 The definition of domestic abuse is very wide. It does not just cover actual violence such as slapping, punching and kicking but also includes threats, intimidation, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and even financial abuse. Protection against domestic abuse is one of […]