New Laws on Wills

Article by our Solicitor Althaf Hussain 07.09.2020 A Will has to be witnessed to become a legally valid document. With current restrictions on movement and meetings, arranging for a Will to be witnessed by two individuals can be a more difficult process than normal. In England and Wales new laws are to be passed, to […]

Why having a lasting power of attorney is crucial

The importance of drawing up a will is known by all as it will allow you to put in place a plan that will help to deal with your estate after death. However, there are many people who are unaware of the benefits of having a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Don’t Suffer Violence and Threats in Silence

Article published by Ayeisha Khandia, Head of Family Law at Fountain Solicitors on 09.12.2015 The definition of domestic abuse is very wide. It does not just cover actual violence such as slapping, punching and kicking but also includes threats, intimidation, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and even financial abuse. Protection against domestic abuse is one of […]

Solicitors remain first choice for wills

The number of solicitors being instructed to draft wills increases while DIY wills also on the rise Solicitors have increased their share in the will writing market over the past four years, despite growing concerns of an increase in poorly drafted wills by unregulated will writers. Research from Will Aid shows that in the period […]