Have your or any of your family members recently gotten married abroad?

Spouse, civil partners or fiancés who are outside of the UK will need to apply for entry clearance. They will need to meet all requirements relating to suitability, relationship, finance/income, accommodation, and English language.
Fountain Solicitors have an expert team with a brilliant success rate in a range of Entry-Clearance matters. We can ensure you have peace of mind that you have submitted all the relevant documents and meet all the requirements of the Immigration Rules.
Whether you are in full-time employment, self-employed, or receiving a Specified Benefit i.e. Carers Allowance, we will prepare a detailed Sponsorship Declaration on your behalf. We will ensure that all the necessary evidence of your income is submitted with the application so that you have no reason to worry.
The application process can be confusing and overwhelming to the untrained eye. That is why we will take the burden off your shoulders from lodging the online application form to scanning and uploading all of your supporting documents to even booking the biometrics appointment. Our team is always happy to help and will be able to answer any of your questions along the way.
We remain open through the Covid-19 pandemic and are able to serve clients via modern methods or social distancing in our offices. Come to Fountain Solicitors where #WinningMatters.

Contact Nakash Ali at 01922 645 429 ext 1019 or via email at nali@fountainsolicitors.com for further information.

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