Highly Skilled Migrants wrongly face deportation

Article by Ramzan Sharif of Fountain Solicitors

At least 1,000 highly skilled migrants seeking indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK are wrongly facing deportation under section 322 (5) of the Immigration Act.

Highly skilled workers – including teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers and IT professionals – are being refused ILR after being accused of lying in their applications either for making minor and legal amendments to their tax records, or having discrepancies in declared income.

The Home Office are making two basic accounting errors, comparing gross income to net income, and comparing tax returns from an April to April tax year to a return from individuals accounting year. They have used the inevitable discrepancy in income as evidence that the applicant has submitted inaccurate figures.

Ramzan Sharif solicitor at Fountain Solicitors says “The way that the 322(5) rules are being applied is completely incompetent and I urge the Home Office to get their house in order before any more lives are needlessly ruined.”

Fountain Solicitors are helping a number of highly skilled clients facing deportation under paragraph 322(5).

The Home Office’s own internal guidance to caseworkers specifies that section 322(5) should only be triggered in cases involving “criminality, a threat to national security and for war crimes.

Tax error rectification is not illegal or unlawful anywhere in the world, and not even in the UK.

If any NHS doctor, lawyers, teachers, engineers or other professional is refused on the basis of tax errors, please contact Fountain Solicitors to deal with the appeal.

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