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“Fountain Solicitors Manchester dealt with my wife’s spouse visa with super effectiveness and was granted in 4 weeks. Always on hand to answer any questions and made the whole process easy for us. My wife and I will forever be grateful. Thank you to all the team. – Mohamed Sabar”

Fountain Solicitors’ Manchester Immigration Team has experienced and dedicated solicitors with an excellent reputation in the community.

Immigration laws and policies are constantly changing and we are here to provide you with guidance you can trust.

Whether in person or remotely over Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp, we focus on your needs and listen to your concerns. We help you lodge the best possible application and we liaise with the Home Office until an outcome is reached.

We are involved in our community and we regularly receive referrals from Rainbow Haven, British Red Cross, Bail for Immigration Detainees, Medaille Trust, and Freedom from Torture.

Our team is honoured to be part of the University of Manchester’s Justice Hub.

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“The best lawyer and very fine treatment, thanks.”—client testimonial from Wathba Othman

Immigration Solicitors Manchester Shahnaz joined the Immigration Law Team at Fountain Solicitors in Manchester in 2019. Shahnaz has a Masters Degree in Law specialising in Human Rights Law. She also passed her Legal Practice Course with a Commendation before qualifying as a Solicitor.

Shahnaz undertakes all types of Private Immigration work and has predominantly worked and built up an expertise in Family Reunion matters especially Partner, Children and Dependant Relative Applications from both within and outside the Immigration Rules.

She also has a wealth of experience in Spouse Entry Clearance visa applications.

Shahnaz has previously worked in Citizen’s Advice Bureau, North Greenwich Community Law Centre, Asian Women’s Resource Centre in Harlesden and Not For Profit Charity Organisations. She has strong links with community organisations who work with Refugees such as Rainbow Haven, Unity Community and Rethink, Rebuild Syrian Community Centre.

Shahnaz is fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

Solicitor Member of the Law Society’s Immigration Panel
Telephone: 0161 399 2786 Ext: 4008

“I would like to thank Faysal and definitely recommend him with his excellent service.”—client testimonial from Iliya Nikbaktht"
Immigration Solicitors Manchester Faysal Yaqoob joined Fountain Solicitors Manchester branch and is based in the immigration and asylum department. Faysal has knowledge and experience of family migration applications, with a particular interest in spousal entry clearance applications.

Faysal has undertaken work on numerous applications both within and outside the Immigration Rules, including entry clearance, further leave to remain, EEA applications, bail applications as well as First-tier Tribunal advocacy.

Faysal is fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Pothwari and has a working knowledge of Arabic.

Head of Immigration, Manchester branch
Member of the Law Society’s Immigration Panel

Telephone: 0161 399 2786 Ext: 4010

“Lauren is an experienced and helpful lady, she helped me a lot.”—client testimonial from Ambrina Khadim

Immigration Solicitors Manchester Lauren Butler joined Fountain Solicitors in 2018. A dual national of the USA and the UK, Lauren has a Masters Degree in International Studies and has worked in refugee advocacy in the US and Croatia. She was a Fulbright Fellow in the Faculty of Law at Zagreb University. She received scholarships to study law at Manchester Law School, completing the Graduate Diploma in Law and the Legal Practice Course with distinction.

Lauren is a Senior Immigration Caseworker qualified by the Law Society of England and Wales. She has previously worked at Rochdale Law Centre and Bolton Citizens Advice, where she specialised in asylum, refugee family reunion, and domestic violence settlement applications. At Fountain Solicitors she maintains a diverse caseload of immigration and asylum matters, with an emphasis on asylum cases and family reunion. She regularly appears at the First-Tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal, and has run Judicial Review cases at the High Court.

In addition to her work with Fountain Solicitors, Lauren is a trainer with Central Law Training, developing seminars on special topics in immigration law. She has also volunteered at the Calais “Jungle” Camp with Refugee Info Bus, and with the Refugee Legal Support project in Athens.

What to expect in your consultation

“Even due to covid-19 still providing a fantastic service by Skype and taking care of you. – Iliya Nikbakht”

We are happy to schedule a consultation that suits your schedule, in person or via remote means such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom.

In your confidential consultation you will be able to discuss your case with a fully qualified lawyer. We will listen to your concerns and provide advice around the best way to meet your objectives. At the end of your consultation you will receive a written summary of our advice.

If you wish, you may then instruct us to take on your case.

Contact to schedule your consultation today.

If you are British or have settled status and have family members abroad, they will need to apply for entry clearance in order to join you in the United Kingdom. Over the years, the Home Office has introduced stringent criteria that you will need to meet in order to submit a successful application. There are now numerous requirements and specified evidence that must be submitted. Many applications are refused because the applicant has not provided all of the evidence required.

We can assist you with the following applications, extensions and appeals:

Spouses, Civil Partners, and Fiancé(e)s

Spouses, civil partners, or fiancé(e)s who are outside of the UK will need to apply for entry clearance. They will need to meet all requirements relating to suitability, relationship, financial, accommodation and English language.


Children can enter the UK to join their parents who are in the UK. Different requirements are set out to cover different family circumstances.

Parents of a Child in the UK

This route is intended for parents who have responsibility for or access to their child following the breakdown of their relationship with the child’s other parents.

Adult Dependent Relatives

This route is for the parents, grandparents, siblings or children over 18 of British citizens, settled persons or those with refugee status or humanitarian protection. Applicants must show amongst other things that as a result of their age, illness or disability they require long-term personal care to perform everyday tasks and that they are unable to obtain the required level of care in their country of origin.

Our Immigration Lawyers are able to give specialist legal advice in this area of law.

Visas are normally only granted for a specified amount of time. An individual with a limited leave to remain visa should either make arrangements to leave the UK before their visa expires or seek to extend it. This involves making an application to the Home Office. When someone applies to extend their visa it is called an application for ‘further leave to remain’.

Requests for further leave to remain must be made on the correct application form otherwise they will be returned as invalid and will not be processed by the Home Office. For almost every application there is quite a large processing fee that is non-refundable in the event of refusal. There may also be an Immigration Health Surcharge fee to be paid in advance. Some people may be exempt from paying the fees and should seek advice. If an application is refused, you may be granted a right of appeal before an Immigration Judge.

Many applications for further leave can be made either by post or using the UKVI’s Same Day Premium Service. We can assist you with your application no matter which application process you choose.

Many temporary visas can lead to qualification for settlement, also referred to as indefinite leave to remain. Each visa has a different ‘route to settlement’, with its own unique requirements. Under some categories, an application can be made for settlement immediately. We at Fountain Solicitors can advise and assist with all types of settlement applications, which may include (but are not limited to):

  • 10 year lawful long residency
  • 20 year unlawful residency
  • Settlement for refugees, those with humanitarian protection or discretionary leave
  • Spouse, children, parents and other dependent relative’s settlement applications
  • Settlement under the Points Based Categories

Immigration law is extremely complex. It is therefore advisable that you contact an immigration lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your application before submitting it to the Home Office.

Our tailored unique legal advice will guide you through the process of:

  • preparing for an application;
  • supporting your case with the correct documentation;
  • challenging refusals in the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the Tribunals Service

The UK has left the European Union. However we are currently in a transitional period. EU nationals and their dependents in the UK have until the end of June 2021 to secure their rights to residence in the UK. Book a consultation today for specific advice and assistance.

Our Immigration Solicitors have years of experience in providing a comprehensive service for international students wishing to study in the UK.

We can advise in relation to the following:

  • Advice on University rankings and their sponsorship status;
  • Assistance in obtaining CAS from Universities and Colleges;
  • Initial Tier 4 applications, both from outside and inside the UK;
  • Tier 4 extension applications; and
  • Assistance in switching immigration status into a work category once the course has been successfully completed e.g. Tier 2. This will allow a student to stay longer in the UK and work full-time.

We can also provide advice to educational providers on obtaining sponsorship licenses and ensuring that they remain compliant with their duties and responsibilities.

Naturalisation or registration as a British citizen is a significant life decision. It is best that you consult an immigration specialist before proceeding with your application.

Once you have settled in the UK and have lived here legally for a set period of time, you may be eligible to naturalise as a British Citizen. Children may also become British citizens in certain circumstances. This is referred to as registration.

Before you begin your application for naturalisation, you must consider whether you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be 18 and over
  • You must meet the English language requirement and have sufficient knowledge of life in the UK
  • You must be of good character
  • You must meet the residential requirements

General Visitor is the most common type of visitor visa.  General Visitors are allowed to remain in the UK for a period of up to six months. They have to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to maintain themselves without working or taking recourse to public funds and to cover the cost of their return trip. They also need to demonstrate their intention to return to their country of origin on completion of their visit (this is normally assessed on the basis of the ties with the country of origin, such as close family, property, employment, assets etc).

Visitors are not allowed to undertake any work in the UK, either for an employer or in self-employed capacity, voluntarily or for payment; to use the NHS (other than Accident and Emergency Unit or for treatment of certain infectious diseases) or to have assistance from public funds. A breach of these conditions may lead to cancellation of the visa and a ban from the UK.

This type of visa cannot be extended beyond six months other than in the most exceptional circumstances, such as the illness of a close relative.

Visiting Family Members

The Family Visitor visa is for those who wish to visit their family in the UK. The requirements for family visitors are the same as General Visitors.

It is not unusual for Family Visitor Applications to be particularly rigorously assessed by the Entry Clearance Officer against the requirement to demonstrate the intention to leave the UK on completion of the visit.

UK Visa for parents of a child at school in the UK

We assist with visa applications for parents of children studying in independent fee-paying schools in the UK.

The general rule is that parents of a child under 12 years of age who attends a private day school in the UK may apply for entry clearance as visitors in this category. They will need to provide evidence of adequate funds for maintaining a second home in the UK and evidence of ties with their country of origin. They are not allowed to move their principal home to the UK.

This type of Visitor Visa may be issued for a maximum of 12 months. Although the visa cannot be extended, the parent may return to the country of origin and re-apply on expiry of the visa.

Visiting the UK: Visitors for Private Medical Treatment

Those seeking to come to the UK for private medical treatment have to meet the general requirements as to maintenance and accommodation and demonstrate that they have made satisfactory arrangements with a registered medical practitioner for the necessary consultation or treatment at their own expense. The required treatment has to be of finite duration and the medical practitioner might be required to indicate its likely duration.

This type of visa can be extended beyond six months where further treatment is required.

Visiting the UK: Entertainer Visitors

This is a route for both professional and amateur entertainers seeking to come to the UK for a not for profit performance, competition, audition, or to take part in a cultural event or a festival. Members of technical or support staff of amateur or professional entertainers, such as make-up artists, personal bodyguards, or press officers, as well as artist managers, choreographers, and stage managers may enter the UK under this category. Entertainer Visitors are not allowed to receive fees and sponsorship, but may receive cash prizes, board, lodging and living expenses.

In some circumstances, Entertainer Visitors may apply to switch in country into Tier 5 of the Points Based System. Further leave to remain is then granted for the period specified by the sponsor, up to a maximum of 12 months.

Visiting the UK: Business Visitors

Business Visitors are those who live and work abroad and visit the UK for a purpose related to their business, employment or professional activity, provided they do not receive any salary from a UK based employer and are not involved in selling goods or services directly to members of the public.

Business Visitors include secondees from overseas companies, where a UK company provides goods or services to the overseas company on a contractual basis and there is no corporate relationship between the two companies. Overseas companies may send their representatives as business visitors to the UK in order to clarify issues, negotiate deals or to facilitate delivery of the contract. In some cases, secondment arrangements can continue legitimately for longer than six months. If so, a multiple entry visa is normally issued to allow for repeated visits.

Board-level Directors may visit the UK as Business Visitors to attend board meetings in the UK provided they are not employed by a UK company.

Other Business Visitors may include advisors, consultants and trainers employed by an overseas company who are coming to provide consultancy services to the company’s UK branch. Importantly, these visitors cannot be directly involved in producing goods or services on behalf of the UK branch.

If you or a member of your family is considered for deportation, it is important that you contact a specialist immigration solicitor as soon as possible. Our expert immigration lawyers will advise you on the law, Home Office policy, and appeal procedures.

Foreign and European Union nationals are normally considered for deportation from the UK when they commit a serious criminal offence. Members of your family may also be considered for deportation.

We at Fountain Solicitors are able to provide legal advice and guidance throughout the course of your deportation appeal. Cases are often complex, and it is important that detailed preparation is carried out. We have successfully appealed numerous deportation decisions.

Our immigration lawyers are available to visit you in prison or at a detention centre, providing advice on the appeals process and safeguarding your rights as a Foreign National Prisoner.

If you have received correspondence from the Home Office, it is important that you act quickly as time limits for appealing are very short.  Book in a consult at your earliest opportunity.

Many foreign nationals are regularly detained by the Home Office for immigration purposes. Individuals are liable to be detained due to having entered the UK illegally, overstaying their visa, breaching the conditions of their leave, or committing a criminal offence and are being considered for deportation.

If you are detained, then your detention must be justified by the Home Office at the time of your detention and at regular intervals during the period of detention. A failure to lawfully justify detention or a failure to correctly review detention may result in the detention being unlawful. It is possible to apply to the Chief Immigration Officer for temporary release or bail. However, on most occasions it is necessary to apply to the First-Tier Tribunal and request bail from an Immigration Judge.

A large proportion of our work is contentious – that means we assist people with challenging negative decisions and have an exceptionally high success rate.

We handle immigration appeals at First-tier Tribunals all over the United Kingdom, appeals to the Upper-tier Tribunal, and where necessary take matters further to the High Court (Administrative Court), Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Our work includes advising appellants on the merits of their case, drafting grounds of appeal, preparation of the bundle of documents and witness statements, instructing expert witnesses where necessary, thorough legal research, and representation in court.

The rules governing the rights of appeal are complex, and the decision makers sometimes erroneously advise applicants that their decision is not appealable. The Home Office are in the process of limiting appeal rights for many applicants, therefore applicants will need to seek advice on alternative options such as judicial review or administrative review. We would strongly advise anyone with an adverse decision from the Home Office to contact us for advice regarding your right of appeal.

Where an immigration appeal is not an option, a decision of the immigration authorities can be challenged by way of Judicial Review on the basis of improper exercise of power, breach of procedure, or breach of human rights.

In the more complex and challenging cases requiring team work, we work in close collaboration with some of the leading barristers in the country.

Fountain Solicitors possess many years of experience in preparing and presenting appeals. Our attention to detail during case preparation, combined with the advocacy skills of our experienced Immigration Solicitors, gives you the best possible chance of success as you pursue your appeal.

Our solicitors draw on many years of experience to provide clear, realistic legal advice on seeking protection under Refugee and Human Rights Conventions.

Our in-depth knowledge and vast experience of Refugee and Human Rights Law allows us to provide a comprehensive assessment of your chances of success in light of current legislation, case law and Home Office policy.

Our refugee and human rights law solicitors regularly advise clients on:

  • applying for asylum (initial claims and further submissions)
  • Human Rights Law;
  • obtaining refugee status, humanitarian protection and discretionary leave;
  • challenges to Home Office decisions;
  • appeals the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the Tribunals Service; and
  • Judicial Reviews, appeals to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court

We are experienced advocates before the Tribunal, and have acted in hundreds of asylum appeals. We work together with renowned UK experts and leading immigration barristers. Our lawyers have acted in many cases before the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court in England.

If you have been granted refugee status or have been granted humanitarian protection, your family whom you left behind may make an application for family reunion. We at Fountain Solicitors can assist you to prepare the Entry Clearance Application. We can also assist and represent your family in appeals. The rules for family reunion were revised in 2012 for pre-existing family members and for those with whom you have entered into a relationship after you were granted refugee status or humanitarian protection. It is therefore vital you obtain the correct advice prior to making an application.

We are accredited by the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority to undertake all types of Immigration and Asylum work.

If you need the services of an Immigration Solicitor in Manchester, Whitefield, Oldham, Denton, Salford, Sheffield and other surrounding areas to help resolve an immigration, nationality or asylum issue, please contact us on 0161 399 2786 or email Sarah Zeb via email at

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