Impact of vote leave on Immigration Cases

Article by Ameera Nosheen and Asya Chaudhry of Fountain Solicitors

There is no doubt the vote to leave the European Union will bring about some profound changes to immigration and border controls, some of which we are already beginning to see.

Three million EU nationals resident here in the UK would still have the right to remain, immigration lawyers have noticed a sharp increase in the numbers applying for British citizenship.

It is being driven in part by the uncertainty over the legal status EU nationals would enjoy under Brexit.

It is highly unlikely that a post-leave UK government would attempt to remove those EU nationals resident and employed in this country.

However, case-by-case, people may find that what they assumed was a secure legal status is no longer guaranteed.

With negotiations to leave the EU spanning as long a two years, any post-Brexit government might be forced to introduce some sort of transitional arrangement aimed at controlling the number of EU citizens allowed into the country.

There may also have to be some significant changes in border security.

However, exit from the EU will not affect non-european citizens visas, such as marriage, settlement, students, visitors, human rights and they will continue as normal.

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