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Redundancy is when an employee is dismissed because the employer can no longer:

  • carry out the business that the employee is employed for; or
  • carry out business in the place where they’re employed

Employees who are made redundant have certain rights. They have the right to:

  • be entitled to redundancy pay;
  • be offered alternative employment;
  • reasonable time off to look for a new job or arrange training; and
  • be fairly selected for redundancy

Being made redundant or put at risk of redundancy can be a highly stressful ordeal to go through, particularly if after years of continuous employment redundancy has come as a surprise to you. It is essential that you enter the redundancy process with confidence and that it is being conducted in a proper and fair manner.

In redundancy consultation cases, we advise employees trying to preserve their jobs on employment rights in a redundancy situation, considering whether a proper procedure is being followed, including adequate consultation, fair redundancy selection, and provision of opportunities for suitable alternative work. If the redundancy has arisen as a result of a business transfer such as an acquisition, merger or outsourcing, specialist rules may apply which protect your employment and we have in-depth knowledge how these affect your rights.

We also advise on compensation available to those facing redundancy, considering your individual circumstances so as to negotiate a better termination package and we provide independent legal advice on compromise agreements, which are increasingly used by employers as a means of offering a binding severance deal.

Our employment lawyers can provide specialist legal advice in this area of law. To contact one of our dedicated employment lawyers, please telephone 01922 645 429 or complete our enquiry form.

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