Business Visitors

Business Visitors are those who live and work abroad and visit the UK for a purpose related to their business, employment or professional activity, provided they do not receive any salary from a UK based employer and are not involved in selling goods or services directly to members of the public.

Business Visitors include secondees from overseas companies, where a UK company provides goods or services to the overseas company on a contractual basis and there is no corporate relationship between the two companies. Overseas companies may send their representatives as business visitors to the UK in order to clarify issues, negotiate deals or to facilitate delivery of the contract. In some cases, secondment arrangements can continue legitimately for longer than six months. If so, a multiple entry visa is normally issued to allow for repeated visits.

Board-level Directors may visit the UK as Business Visitors to attend board meetings in the UK provided they are not employed by a UK company.

Other Business Visitors may include advisors, consultants and trainers employed by an overseas company who are coming to provide consultancy services to the company’s UK branch. Importantly, these visitors cannot be directly involved in producing goods or services on behalf of the UK branch.

Entertainer Visitors

This is a route for both professional and amateur entertainers seeking to come to the UK for a not for profit performance, competition, audition, or to take part in a cultural event or a festival. Members of technical or support staff of amateur or professional entertainers, such as make-up artists, personal bodyguards, or press officers, as well as artist managers, choreographers, and stage managers may enter the UK under this category. Entertainer Visitors are not allowed to receive fees and sponsorship, but may receive cash prizes, board, lodging and living expenses.

In some circumstances, Entertainer Visitors may apply to switch in country into Tier 5 of the Points Based System. Further leave to remain is then granted for the period specified by the sponsor, up to a maximum of 12 months.

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