We are able to offer professional and expert advise on all housing or landlord and tenant matters. We have many years experience in this extremely complex area of law. Members of our team have built up a reputation as being amongst the most experienced practitioners in the field of housing law.

We are able to advise on all landlord and tenant issues, whether that be a private landlord, Local Council or Housing Association. We are also able to offer advice regarding mortgage arrears. We are able to provide expert advice on all housing issues including the following:

  • Application of possession
  • Rent arrears
  • Mortgage arrears
  • Application to postpone or vary a warrant for eviction
  • Disrepair involving breach of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985
  • Alleged anti social behaviour
  • Noise nuisance
  • Illegal eviction

When a warrant for eviction has been issued, we are able to advise whether an urgent application could be made into the County Court to stay or suspend the eviction.

We can advise on and prepare the relevant application into the County Court. We are also able to provide legal representation for this application. We have many years of experience in liaising with both landlords’ representatives, Building Society representatives and the Judiciary.

Among other things, we are able to provide expert advice on joint tenancies, successions of tenancies, and assignment of tenancies. We are also able to draft a deed of assignment for tenancy and liaise with the landlord.

Some areas of housing law meet with the criteria for legal aid, we are unable to offer this service but we are able to identify issues which might be suitable for legal aid. We are able to establish whether or not you meet the means test for legal aid. If it is the case that the means test is passed and the issue is a category covered by legal aid, we are able to refer you to a firm of solicitors who can take your case and provide this service with the benefit of legal aid.

To arrange an appointment, please telephone 01922 645 429.

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