Sex worker rights case collapses

A court case in Manchester concerning the rights of sex workers has collapsed after a police officer refused to give evidence.

The case is linked to the raid of a brothel in the Greater Manchester area in July 2011. After the raid three women: Catherine McGarr, Jane Young and Deborah Daniels, were arrested and charged with running the aforementioned brothel.

However, for the past five years the women have been released on bail as their case continued. Furthermore, the case itself became prominent in the rights of sex workers after the three woman were planning to defend themselves by claiming that under the Human Rights Act sex workers should be allowed to work in unison in order to keep themselves safe; therefore brothels should be allowed to operate.

Currently, under the 1956 Sexual Offenses Act, it is illegal to run a brothel and, under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, it is illegal to cause or incite prostitution or control it for personal gain.

However, the case has now collapsed after Detective Constable Philip Anderson claimed he was unable to provide evidence due to ill health.

Due to the case collapsing, no ruling will be given concerning brothels and their position with regard to the Human Rights Act.

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