A change to our premium booking service appointment process

From 18 August 2013, most applicants booking a premium appointment at a public enquiry office (PEO) will be asked to pay the full application cost and booking fee upfront, using a new online system.

The new process will help applicants access PEO appointments and at the same time tackle those who are abusing the booking system.

The automated payment system will collect the whole fee upfront. This includes the application fee, the premium fee of £375 and non-refundable appointment fee of £100. The £100 fee is to confirm the appointment.

You can manage appointments in the normal way through your online account. If you do not attend your appointment or cancel it with 5 or less working days notice your £100 fee will not be refunded.

For more information on the new process, please visit the premium service.

Link: UK Border Agency

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