Settled and Pre Settled Status in UK

Changes to the UK immigration rules will require EU citizens and their family members to secure their long-term status in the UK post-Brexit by applying for settled status.

As of 21 January 2019, the scheme is open to eligible EU citizens.

When do I need to apply for settled status in the UK?

As an EU citizen, or family member of an EU citizen, you do not need to act immediately under the new scheme. There will be no change to your current rights under EU law until the end of the implementation period on 31 December 2020.

The deadline for applications to the scheme for those resident in the UK by the end of 2020 will be 30 June 2021, six months following the end of the implementation period.

Close family members joining an EU citizen here after 31 December 2020 will have three months from their arrival in which to make an application for status under the scheme, or until 30 June 2021 if they arrive before 1 April 2021.

Am I eligible to apply for settled status? 

Under the new scheme you will be eligible for ‘settled status’ if you are an EU citizen or family member of an EU citizen who, before the end of the implementation period on 31 December 2020, have been continuously resident in the UK for five years. Settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme will enable you to remain in the UK indefinitely.

To be continuously resident in the UK, it generally means you must have been living in the UK for at least 6 months out of any twelve-month period claimed towards your five year total.

There is no restriction on the number of absences permitted, provided that the total period of absence does not exceed six months in any twelve-month period.

There are also some exceptions to the six month rule, for example, a single period of absence of more than six months but which does not exceed twelve months is permitted where this is for an important reason, such as pregnancy, childbirth, serious illness, study, vocational training or an overseas posting.

What if I do not have 5 years in the UK by December 2020?

For EU citizens and their family members who arrive in the UK by 31 December 2020 but will not have been continuously resident for five years, will instead be granted ‘pre-settled status’. This will enable them to stay until they have reached the five-year threshold, at which stage they can apply for settled status.

How do I apply for settled status?

The new application process is online and in three stages

  1. Identity – each applicant will need to verify their identity and nationality, either through their passport, national identity card or biometric residence permit.
  2. Eligibility – each applicant will need to prove that they are resident in the UK. Here, employment and benefit records will be checked on an automated basis to establish continuous residence, although you will be able to upload additional evidence to fill any gaps.
  3. Suitability – criminal checks will be undertaken of any applicant over 18, where anyone guilty of serious or persistent criminality either in the UK or overseas, may have their application under the new scheme denied.

If you are applying as a family member of an eligible EU citizen from outside the EU, you will also need to provide proof of your relationship to that family member, for example, a birth, marriage or civil partnership certificate.

How much does the settled status application cost? 

There will be no application fee for those applying for settled status.

If you currently hold UK permanent residence, transferring to settled status will also be free of charge.

If you have accumulated five years’ residence and are applying to transfer from pre-settled to settled status under the scheme, again there will be no charge.

What will my rights be with settled status?

Those granted either settled status or pre-settled status will have the same entitlements to work, study and access healthcare, pension and other benefits in the UK as you currently do.

In addition, existing close family members living overseas will be able to join you in the UK in the future in the same way as they can now, provided your relationship with them began before 31 December 2020 and you are still in the relationship when they apply to join you.

A close family member includes a spouse, civil partner, durable partner, as well as a dependent child, grandchild, parent or grandparent. This includes the child, grandchild, parent or grandparent of your spouse or civil partner.

What if I already have UK Permanent Residency or Indefinite Leave to Remain?

If you currently hold UK permanent residence, you can apply to transfer to settled status. This will be free of charge.

If you already have indefinite leave to remain or enter, you will not be required to apply for settled status. However, you may consider this option since settled stouts permits absences of up to five years without loss of status, whereas ILR is limited to two years out of the country.

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