Sponsor Licence

UK employers and educational providers must apply to the Home Office for a sponsor licence in order to employ non-EEA migrants and recruit non-EEA migrant students. Once licensed, your organisation will be able to issue certificates of sponsorship or study to workers and students, who will then make their own applications. Sponsorship is required for applicants under the following routes:

We can take the stress away from employers by managing the entire process from start to finish and assisting with the Sponsor Management System as and when required. We can guide employers to ensure that they remain fully compliant with the stringent regulations at all times and create best practice policy guides for employers, tailored for their individual business needs. The above will be carried out at a time and place convenient to the employer.

There are civil and criminal penalties for failing to comply with these requirements, and for failing to maintain proper records of all your employees or students.

We can offer advice on keeping adequate records, and can guide you through the process providing friendly, easy to understand advice on how to apply, your responsibilities, and on how to avoid difficulties with this compulsory scheme. We can also go on to assist your employee with his or her application to the Home Office.

If your application for a licence has been rejected, our solicitors can advise you on the reapplication process. We will examine your original application and make recommendations for improvements, ensuring that next time your sponsor licensing application is successful. Our team of immigration lawyers have a wealth of experience advising on Sponsor Licences. For further information on how we can assist you, please contact us.